10 hot trends to impress your teen with this Christmas

10 hot trends to impress your teen with this Christmas

If you sometimes feel you speak a different language to your teens and that you’ve never heard of half of the things they mention, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of 10 hot teenage trends that they’re probably thinking and talking about at the moment. Impress them during Christmas dinner with your ‘down with the kids’ knowledge (but don’t say ‘down with the kids’, whatever you do. Not cool!).

10 hot trends to impress your teen with this Christmas

  • Siuuu

This is thanks to Ronaldo’s goal celebration and comes from the Spanish for ‘yes’. Pronounce it like Sue, but drag out the sound. If your kids say it when you serve up those perfect roast potatoes, you’ll know you’re the goat.

  • Spider-Man

You can’t really have missed the release of Spider-Man No Way Home, but if you’ll have any Marvel fans around your dinner table this year, here’s how to be totally current.  Drop the most famous line into conversation: “I’m something of a scientist myself”. Google the 3 spidermen pointing meme and work it in to the family dynamic. (Just keep the joke about back cracking for the grown-ups – we can’t say more because, spoilers).

Spider-Man No Way Home

  • Francis Bourgeois

A 21-year-old creator on TikTok who’s a very funny, bright trainspotter. Yep, we know. He’s actually called Luke and a student at Nottingham Uni. Apparently, “his aesthetic is a mix of cute train enthusiast and bad boy”.

  • Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1

Fortnite has been flipped (literally, the island has been turned upside down since the new season started on December 5th). Ask “are you looking forward to the return of Tilted Towers?” and earn yourself some major respect.

  • Formula 1

Again, you will have heard about the controversial end of the season, but it’s most definitely all over TikTok. There’s the mix of views that you’ll find on other social media channels, but with the typical TikTok irreverent (and very entertaining) teenage take.

10 hot trends to impress your teen with this Christmas

  • Succession

If your teens love this TV show, you probably do too. We had to include it on the list though, because we’re still laughing about the online review written by a 15-year-old that ended, “There are also zero role models in the show. Overall it is a fantastic show and I would definitely recommend.” Teenagers, we love you.

  • Jerk Challenge

Another one from TikTok – if you start practising now, you’ll be ready to stun them on Christmas Day (well, maybe).

  • Spotify Wrapped

A deep dive into Spotify users’ most memorable listening moments of 2021. A perfect way to find out what they’re listening to and ask to hear their top songs of the year.

Spotify Wrapped

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

With season 15 due to premiere in the UK early next year, this is back as a hot topic. If you’ve escaped it this far, it’s an American sitcom where five friends run an Irish pub. Ask what their expectations are of season 15 (after all, there’s a lot that could be different this time round) and they’ll be delighted to tell you.

  • Sunny Zuwa

And finally, if your teens say “Hello goo goo” or “OK goo goo”, nod knowingly and mention Sunny Zuwa and the viral TikTok of a lovely elderly Italian woman getting to grips with Google’s Alexa. Here’s the link.


We hope our 10 hot teenage trends will help you connect (and look so cool!) this Christmas. If you’re looking for more inspiration, have a read of our previous post on How to make Christmas with teens magical too.

This will be our last blog post of 2021, as we’re taking a break over the holiday. Thank you so much for reading this year and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2022. We already have some fantastic blogs lined up!

Wishing you all a very happy and restful holiday,

Louise & Anna x

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