6 ways to keep teens active in lockdown

6 ways to keep teens active in lockdown

Keeping teens active in lockdown has become increasingly challenging. Whose heart doesn’t sink at the thought of yet another walk? As we enter the last few weeks of restrictions, we’ve got 6 ideas that might just kickstart some great new daily habits. To keep them going until they can get back to normal life, why not suggest they try:

1. An online workout

There are lots of brilliant free resources available. And the workouts can often be done anywhere, without special equipment. Our teens recommend:

Chloe Ting

Popsugar Fitness

Ryan Humiston

Men’s Health

2. A charity challenge

If they need motivation, what about a charity challenge? There are plenty based around keeping active on a daily basis and it might just make all the difference. Charity challenges organised by uni sports clubs have kept our older teens busy (and fit) throughout the last year.

Charity fitness challenge

An innovative ‘run map’ challenge to raise awareness for Anti Racism Week by the University of Warwick Ladies’ Hockey Club. (Iz was the H!)

A quick Google will throw up a whole range of charity challenges to choose from. Or Time Outdoors has an excellent round up.

3. Online yoga

Yoga goes down surprisingly well with teenagers (Pilates too) and as well as keeping them active, it’s good for their overall wellbeing. Plus it’s something not too energetic that all the generations can have a go at together! If you fancy trying it, Yoga with Adriene is worth a look.

4. A fitness challenge

Encourage them to get competitive – with themselves. Suggest they set themselves goals and targets and have fun trying to beat them. There are free fitness apps they can use to track their progress, such as Map My Run and Strava. You can use these for walks too, which might just keep them interested in walking for these last few weeks.

Unstoppable workout mug from Equipp

Don’t think we’ll miss the lockdown haircuts!

5. Dance, dance, dance

If you have younger teens and tweens, there’s nothing better than a dance battle to get the heart going. Or learn a new family dance routine – dance has been a constant feature of lockdown for a good reason. Fun and fitness combined!

6. An old favourite

Gathering dust somewhere will be something they used to love playing when younger. It might be an old trampoline, a swingball set or a badminton net. Now that the evenings are lighter and it’s getting a little warmer, why not dig it out, dust it down and remind them how much fun it was?


We’re sending love and encouragement to all the young people out there who have tried so hard to keep themselves active and positive over the last year. Hopefully one of these 6 ways to keep teens active in lockdown might just spark something to make the next few weeks a little more fun.

And if fitness just isn’t their thing, you might want to suggest they check out our Reading or Podcast recommendations.

Let us know how you get on!

Louise & Anna x

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