7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer

7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer

The past year has obviously made us all appreciate the outdoors more than ever before. Online entertainment has been pivotal during the pandemic, but there’s no denying that it simply cannot compare to quality activities. Especially when it comes to bonding with your teens. These are the memory makers, and we think we’ve whittled down a list of the best ones. Here’s our pick of 7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer:

  1. Summer Sports

Sports are always a win: often outside, a break from phones, and a healthy boost. The best thing about summer sports, though, especially for those who are perhaps not as inclined towards sport, is that they’re much more relaxed, and can be more of a fun game rather than a serious hobby. Some badminton in the garden, volleyball on the beach, tennis on the court or even a day of golf, are all great activities to do with teens.

  1. Water sports

If you think your teen won’t want to do any form of obvious exercise, water sports are a great way to go. Arguably much more fun than on-land sports, they’re also something that you don’t get to do often at all. So it’s all very new and exciting. Try water-skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, or even flyboard flying. Can be expensive, but brilliant as a birthday or ‘staycation’ treat.

7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer

  1. Go-Karting

For an activity that involves even less physical effort but is still seriously fun, go-karting is your go-to. A great activity for those with a competitive edge who want to remain sitting down (although you might even break a sweat in all the excitement!). It is very amusing to see who in a family is good/bad – it might not be who you expect…

  1. Paintball

Paintballing is funny with your mates, but is even funnier with your family. Watching your parent get splattered by paint (or doing the splatting to them) will never not be amusing. And as a parent, you can take some frustration out on your teens completely legitimately and guilt-free!

7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer

  1. High Ropes 

The high ropes are so fun. Apparently even if you’re afraid of heights! There’s no age limit to the type of fun you get tackling obstacles through the trees. And your teens watching you try to get into a tight harness (especially if there’s an infamous “Dad bod” in the mix) is rather funny. Easy family fun for all. Go Ape is just one of the franchises that offer high ropes; they’re easy to find these days.

  1. Family Hike

Depending on your interests as a family, this one might be a little more contestable. However, even those who aren’t hikers usually love a proper long, family walk. If organised properly with fun stops along the way, and a major sight to see, these are where the most memories will be made. Have some fun games in mind to keep all entertained while walking, and you’ll be hitting your step count in no time! It also has the benefit of being an inexpensive day out.

7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer

  1. Family Fitness Challenge

Again, this one is more extreme and so perhaps less universally fun than the rest. If you want unquestionable fun, go for the water sports, go-karting or high ropes. But a fitness challenge is such a good thing to do for anybody’s health, and everyone knows doing it in a group is so much easier – why not with your family? It might not be fun at the time that you’re doing it, but it’s so, so rewarding at the end. And it means spending more time and reaching those goals together. Win-wins all round.


We hope this will be the inspiration you need to get organising! One of these 7 outdoor activities to do with your teens this summer might just be the highlight of the next few months.

Louise & Anna

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