A big hello to Shady Beach!

We’d like to introduce ourselves, we are Ed and Darcey. We are two university students who enjoy creating and have also found finding a job over the lockdown period extremely hard. We knew we needed to think of an idea which would enable us to earn some sort of money, yet also be fun and creative and, most importantly, different! Thus Shady Beach was born!

Shady Beach promotes the idea that glasses chains are the accessory you never knew you needed. The idea of creating fun sunglasses chains came from our ability to continuously misplace our sunglasses, hence these cords are a funky, colourful and original solution to a problem I am sure we are all party to! We both have a passion for travelling and are hoping to embark on a few trips this summer across England – the hope is that Shady Beach can be mobile, and we can set up shop and continue to fulfil our orders from across the UK.

Darcey modelling the Shady Beach for Equipp anklets at our recent photo shoot 

Having built up a plethora of bead colours over the lockdown we have embarked on creating a unique accessory that we believe everyone needs. We up-cycle fishing line found on the Dorset coast to create our colourful bespoke ‘Shady Cords’ and have collected a vast amount of discarded fishing line which has been up-cycled into our range. With sustainability being a focal point, and with the easing of the lockdown, we have also scavenged the local charity shops and are now finding use for unwanted jewellery in our Shady Cords. This project has given us something stimulating to focus on and has led us both to be extremely motivated to push our brand and products; it has been extremely exciting to watch it grow over the past few weeks since launch!

One of the exclusive Shady Beach for Equipp sunglass cords

We personally are looking forward to expanding and seeing where this takes us over the next few summer months and hopefully into the winter months! We have been given so many great opportunities so far, who knows where we shall be this time next year?!

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Thank you Ed and Darcey! It’s been wonderful to work with you on a range of Shady Cords and jewellery designed exclusively for Equipp, taking inspiration from our happy, vibrant logo colours. We wish you all the luck in the world with Shady Beach!

Louise & Anna x

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