A playlist to convince teens they’re amazing

A playlist to convince teens they're amazing

We’ve written before about how music helps you connect to your teen, in our article about music and memories. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with using a playlist to convince teens they’re amazing. Not that we’re telling them this of course, that would be waaay too embarrassing! Instead, we’ve put together songs that say everything we’d like to if we didn’t have to deal with teenage self-consciousness. We’re playing it in the car or while we’re cooking – anywhere that the subliminal messaging will get through. Call it a kind of secret support to boost confidence and self-belief. Worth a try, right?!

So, what’s on our playlist of self-affirmation songs so far?

  • Pink – F**king Perfect  “You’re f**king perfect to me.” What every parent wants their children to know…

    • Christina Aguilera – Beautiful Of course! Needs no further explanation.

    • Make Your Own Kind of Music – Paloma Faith To remind them that they need to stay strong and keep believing in themselves, even on the rough days.

    • Unstoppable – Sia It’s one of our Equipp mantras – that today’s teens should feel they’re unstoppable. So this was a must!

    • Thunder – Imagine Dragons Because they’re all originals but sometimes need a power anthem to help them remember that’s where their strength lies.

    • Good as Hell – Lizzo “If he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door.”  Yes, yes, yes!

    • Confident – Demi Levato To make sure they know that the person they really are is the best version of themselves.

  • You Don’t Own Me – Pale Waves A new take on a classic theme; what we all want our daughters to hear on a daily basis.

If you decide to sort out a playlist and play it to inspire your teen, you’ll be connecting on more than one level. Songs that help them feel great about themselves are brilliant, but sharing any music is great for connection. According to Raising Teens magazine, this is because music is “a powerful social glue that releases feel-good endorphins in the brain… listening to music in the car or at home can help parents and teens relate to each other”.

And if there’s a subliminal message or two in there, that’s a win. Subliminal messages bypass your conscious mind and are picked up by your subconscious. The subconscious aspect of your mind is about 90% of your total brain function, so it’s much more powerful than your conscious mind when it comes to processing information. If you can sneak some positivity, self-belief and of course parental love and support into your teens’ subconscious minds through your carefully chosen playlist, go for it!

Let us know what songs you’d pick for a playlist to convince teens they’re amazing by dropping us a comment below.

Louise & Anna x

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