An update from Anna

I can’t quite believe that I’m writing this, but this is my last blog post for Equipp.

The last five years have been truly amazing. The joy and fulfilment that Equipp has brought me has been life-changing, and before Louise was diagnosed with bowel cancer, I would have said that there was nothing that could have stopped me from working on it.

A very sad goodbye from me…

But I’m moving on for two reasons. I’ve found it so hard to work without Louise. Even when we weren’t in the office together, we messaged and chatted all day long, every day (weekends as well, much too often!). We made every decision and every plan together. My working life just isn’t the same without her, and although I can’t fill that gap on a personal level, I can move on work-wise. I’m also driven by practical reasons – it’s tough at the moment for small businesses and I need a reliable, steady income that I can depend on, especially while the boys are still at uni.

So I’ve taken on a comms role at a cancer charity. It’s not connected to bowel cancer, but I still feel it’s the perfect way to give back. I know Louise would be proud.

Louise & Anna, September 2020

…but a very exciting future for Equipp

And I don’t need to worry about Equipp, as I’m handing my share over to Emily, Louise’s daughter. Em has always been a part of Equipp. She was, of course, one of our five teenagers (at the time) who were the major inspiration for us when we set up Equipp. She has always helped us – as tech advisor, sounding board, stylist and in a million other ways. Em was integral to Equipp while Louise was ill and I couldn’t have managed without her unfailing support, along with Jason and Jack, who I know will continue to be there for her and for Equipp.

It is going to be incredible to see where she takes our little business. Em is already an amazing businesswoman, plus has her mum’s style and flair. I can’t wait to see what she creates and I will always be rooting for her, as Equipp’s number one superfan. Louise and I have always celebrated and been cheerleaders for young entrepreneurs, so this really is the perfect end to our story. Louise would be so amazingly happy – it’s both the most wonderful tribute to her, and legacy from her.

Please do give Emily your wholehearted support. As with any small business, lots of likes, shares, comments, reviews and word of mouth recommendations are just as important as orders.

Louise & Emily, August 2022

Thank you!

I’d like to say one last, massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of Equipp’s journey. My family – especially Iz, Jonny and Chris, who have been so generous with their time and input into Equipp. The lovely local small business community, who I very much hope to keep in touch with – we wouldn’t be where we are without you. Our suppliers, who were all so patient and understanding when Louise was ill. The amazing experts who have shared their knowledge so generously. And, most of all, to our followers and customers.

I have especially loved – and I know Louise would say the same – meeting parents of teens, working with young people, learning from some inspiring, brilliant experts on parenting and mental health, and celebrating this amazing generation. Despite everything, I really feel that the future is bright and shiny.

With love,

Anna x


A little bit about Equipp

We’re Louise & Anna, mum to 5 teens and young adults. We set up Equipp to help spread happiness and positivity amongst today’s amazing young people. We believe it’s vital that every teenager is given confidence to believe in themselves.  Telling them how wonderful they are and putting a daily smile on their faces via the cards and gifts they receive from Equipp is integral to everything we design and produce. Have a browse around our collections of birthday and teenage milestone gifts and please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like any recommendation.

We love to celebrate teenagers in every way, and are building a community of parents who feel the same. We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and we’d love it if you came and joined us on Instagram or Facebook to chat about parenting teens.

Oh, and we’re raising money for a fantastic teenage suicide prevention charity, Hector’s House, with a donation from every purchase from Equipp.

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