Equipp and Hector’s House – it’s our 2 year anniversary!

Equipp and Hector's House

As of today, 1 November 2021, we’ve been supporting Hector’s House as our chosen charity for two years. We jump at any chance to talk about this wonderful charity, so decided to share a look back at the last two years.

Hector’s House – going from strength to strength

It has been fantastic to see how Hector’s House has developed and thrived in that time. Of course, its work has never been more important than during and after the pandemic. Some of the events they regularly attend didn’t happen and school visits had to be paused. However, their phone and online work provided much-needed support to so many people.

Their website is now home to a brilliant array of resources – if you haven’t already checked out their Library of Calm, we highly recommend it.

Equipp and Hector's House

Their work was recognised with a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund this time last year. And in May, staff and volunteers at Waddesdon Manor and the Rothschild Foundation chose Hector’s House to be their 2021 charity of the year.

And the good news doesn’t stop here, as Hector’s House has big plans. The charity currently offers its services via the phone, online and through talks. However, they are hoping to open a physical Hector’s House that will provide effective, affordable, and immediately available therapy. Lotte Stringer, Hector’s sister and CEO of the charity, says that this will be a “holistic and safe place where people can spend time when we’re having a wobbly mental health day – when we just need something to change our perspective – stroke an animal, do some art or garden”. You can read more about their plans in this article from BBC News.

We look forward to seeing Hector’s House have a very successful 2022 ?

Support from Equipp

As you might know, we donate 5% of every sale towards their fundraising efforts. And 100% of the profits from our Christmas card this year, which was designed by a teenager in one of our creative contests, will go to support them.

We also love to support Hector’s House in other ways. During lockdown, we did a couple of sponsored sporting challenges to raise money:

  • In May 2020, we joined in the 2.6 Challenge, set up to help charities survive the drop in donations during the pandemic. We all participated, doing various activities in multiples of 26. A lot, and I mean a LOT of press-ups from Jack, Jonny and Chris, some serious stair climbing by Anna and Louise and, most impressively of all, a 26-kilometre run by Izzy.

2.6 challenge

  • Then, in August 2020, Anna, Izzy and Jonny ran the Virtual ASICS London 10K

Watch Jonny during his Virtual ASICS 10K

We are always spreading the word about the wonderful work that Hector’s House do. We’re particularly proud of the series of Instagram Lives and blog posts we’re doing with Lotte, to help teens and their parents. Lotte, as well as being the CEO of Hector’s House, is a licensed RTT therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. She holds qualifications in ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and from the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy. She’s also brilliant for teens to talk to as an expert by experience, with 10 years of lived experience as a survivor of suicide & PTSD – living, surviving and thriving through loss. Her first Live for us was on how to recognise anxiety in teenagers and it was brilliantly received. Look out for more in 2022!

Teenage anxiety - when to seek help

How can I help?

Donations are always welcome of course, and you can find out more information here. But you can also follow Hector’s House on social media and like and share their posts. It might just reach one teen who’s feeling so alone and doesn’t know where to turn:

Hector's House facebook

Hector's House instagram

Hector's House twitter

We also recommend that you take a look at the blog post that Lotte wrote for us about Hector. It’s one of our very favourites; we look back at it often to remind us of why we’re so very passionate about this wonderful cause.

Louise & Anna x

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