If you’ve chosen to read this, we’re so happy you’d like to find out more about us – thank you! Our #Hello2020 Meet the Maker challenge follows the classic Who, What, Where, When, Why format, but with a bonus What’s Ahead too ????

Who – are we?

I’m Louise and, together with Anna, I set up Equipp to help spread happiness and positivity. We have five teenagers between us, so we know just how important it is that every young adult is given confidence to believe in themselves.

What – do we make?

We set out to make life easier for anyone buying for teens – and let’s face it, it’s not easy – by creating collections of birthday and Christmas gifts, stocking fillers or just a little something (that’s not cash!) to put a smile on their faces. We work really hard to make sure everything we make is more than acceptable to young adults – we have a severe ‘cheese avoidance’ test!

It’s also vital to us to make sure we design products that are always supportive, positive and uplifting without preaching or setting impossible standards. It’s not ‘you can be amazing if you try, so dream big’ here at Equipp, it’s ‘you are fricking amazing already, you gorgeous young thing’.

When – do we work?

This might seem an odd one to include, but it lets us cover the important topic of the joy – but also the struggle – of working for ourselves and mostly from home. It’s truly impossible to explain to a hungry teen who sees their mum right in front of them that, actually, “we’re working”!

We work when we can, is the basic answer, when the kids are at school or away, or when they’re there and happily occupied. If that sounds as if we’ve got toddlers rather than teens, trust us, there are similarities – naps, disturbed nights, a constant need for snacks… Of course our kids are super supportive and self-sufficient ????but they all have their moments!

We also have to work around our Equipp mascot and fur baby Enzo – hello, you handsome thing you – who just loves to work with us at all times but isn’t always a truly useful member of the team ????

On a good day we reassure ourselves that we’re providing our teenagers with the perfect example of how to live life to the fullest and fit in everything on our terms. On a not-so-good day – and they happen more than we’d like – we feel like we’re doing everything badly. But then orders ping in or we see a lovely review and all is well with the world again ????

Where – do we get our inspiration?

This one’s an easy one! We are inspired every day by our teens. Whether it’s watching them on the bad days, struggling with the constant social media pressure to stand out, friendships, relationships and the general stresses of everyday life… or experiencing the relief and joy of a good day, when everything falls into place and they feel strong and successful and ready to take on the world…
All that we do is designed with this in mind. We think it’s important to surround today’s teenagers with happy and supportive messages that reassure them on the bad days that they are just AWESOME and don’t need to worry and that celebrate the good days. It’s easier said than done! It can be hard to find the balance between what we still refer to as “motivational guff” after one particularly joyous comment on one of our earlier blog posts ????and a gentle reminder to have self-belief. But with our ready-made and super-critical tester panel, we’re pretty confident we’ve cracked it!
A massive thank you to our lovely kids, who are endlessly patient with our many questions and requests – we couldn’t have created this little business without you.

Why – did we set up our business?

From the outset we wanted to utilise Equipp to do good in the world, in our own small way.
We both felt very strongly that we wanted to help a teenage mental health charity and we are so proud to be donating a percentage from every sale to Hector’s Housewho do incredible work to promote mental health awareness and end suicide. Please check out their website, which is packed with really useful and sensible advice. We would love to see their details and their #EatMoveLoveCampaign shared far and wide.

What’s ahead – our plans for 2020

We have SUCH big plans for this year and are already deep in product development, photo shoot organisation, discussing collaborations and so much more…. there’s not going to be anything we don’t review, add to and do bigger and better this year ????
Now that we’ve been in business a little over two years (how has that happened?!), we like to think that we know what works, what sends the right message and what all our lovely customers want more of.
So we just know that 2020 is going to be the best ever – it’s going to be superb!
Thank you for reading!
Louise & Anna x

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