How to make Christmas with teens magical

How to make Christmas with teens magical

It’s a tricky age – too old to put out milk and cookies for Santa, but too young for a major gin and Prosecco celebration. So what are the best ways of having some real family fun with your teenagers? Here are some ideas to help you make Christmas with teens magical.

Christmas Events

  1. Christmas markets – if there’s food, drink and shopping, most teens will find something to keep them entertained (and they’ll secretly love the Christmassy feel of it too). We’re not far from Waddesdon Manor and it just gets better every year.
  2. Christmas light shows – there are some amazing experiences out there. Helen Wills, who is one of favourite experts on parenting teens, has just written a really helpful round-up of the Best Christmas Lights Events for Teens in 2021.
    Christmas lights at Kew Gardens
  3. Ice skating – the seasonal outdoor ice rinks are traditional but hard to beat.
  4. Christmas charity runs – if you’re an active family, take on a local 5K Santa run or other charity fun run together.
  5. See a show – there’s no better time to book tickets for the theatre and you can combine it with shopping and a look at the lights.


Christmas at Home

  1. Movie nights – a Christmas favourite in most households. Our teens particularly love to watch Love Actually and Klaus. With all the snacks and treats, of course! If you need a break from Christmas movies, have a look at some classic Equipp favourites here.
  2. Games – last year when we were in full lockdown, we put together a great list of games and activities to do with your teens at Christmas. All of them are tried and tested by our teens – we highly recommend a poker night!
  3. Cooking challenge – it’s a win, as your teens get to experiment and practise in the kitchen and everyone takes a turn. It could be festive themed, or around the world in a week, or a chance to try veggie or vegan recipes. And if it all goes wrong, order a pizza and laugh about it for years to come!

Creative Christmas

  1. ‘Grown-up’ DIY decorations – encourage them to get creative. For example, there are some amazing and intricate snow globes that you can make at home. We love this tutorial from The Art of Doing Stuff. If all else fails, a gingerbread house is fun to do at any age.
  2. Deck the halls – let them be style director and do Christmas decorations their way. Give them your existing decorations and a budget to add to/develop them to fit their theme. There’s no better way to encourage them to get involved than to let them be in charge! It might not end up looking quite as stylish as this, but you never know…Christmas decorations
  3. Homemade gifts – ask them to make fudge or cookies to give to friends and neighbours.
    Make your own Christmas gifts
  4. Scavenger hunt – set up a hunt for Christmas Day that everyone can join in with. It could be a series of selfie challenges or some tricky clues that they’ll enjoy cracking. Or, even better, ask/bribe them to set up the hunt for the rest of the family to enjoy on the day.

Most things can be fun for everyone once you start looking at them from a teenager’s point of view. Make sure you discuss plans and are open to adaptations and suggestions – any bonding opportunity is worth a go. Have fun – it’s sure to be a Christmas to remember!

Louise & Anna x

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