Introducing Ellie, designer and young entrepreneur

Introducing Ellie, designer and young entrepreneur

We’re so happy to introduce Ellie, designer and young entrepreneur.

After the hugely positive reaction to our collaboration with uni students Darcey and Ed of Shady Beach last year, we set out to discover more young people with brilliant new brands to support. And we were SO excited to find the immensely talented Ellie Mackinnon. We just love her work and it’s a perfect fit for our Equipp You Are collection.

Introducing Ellie, designer and young entrepreneur

El Illustrates

Ellie specialises in fashion illustration. She did a fashion design degree (getting a 1st and winning some awards along the way!). She now uses her love of clothes and design to create fashion-themed art prints. We especially love that Ellie’s super-stylish illustrations are combined with upbeat quotes that offer encouragement and enhance positivity. Perfect for teens in every way!

Introducing Ellie, designer and young entrepreneur

Her 2021 collection is inspired by current trends and is defined by a palette of dusky pinks, muted denim tones, and a spectrum of soft greys, enhanced with warm skin tones. The hand-drawn lettering adds a unique touch.

The Equipp collection

We’ve chosen four of Ellie’s fabulous prints that we think are particularly perfect for teens. We’re offering them for sale at A4 size, unframed (although you can contact us to sort out framing). We think they’re a brilliant addition to any teenage bedroom and love the idea that they will inspire a whole new generation to trust and believe in themselves.

No One is You and That is Your Power A4 print

No One Is You and That Is Your Power

Totally brilliant, don’t you think?

You can find Ellie on Instagram here and see her whole collection, including some fab sticker sets for sticker addicts, in her Etsy store. Ellie also does logo design work. We can’t wait to see what she does next and look forward to following her success story. She’s yet another example that today’s young people are truly wonderful and have so much energy, resilience and initiative. Ellie Mackinnon, designer and young entrepreneur, we salute you!


If you’re a young creator, why not get in touch and show us your stuff? We’d absolutely love to see it.

Louise & Anna x


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