Introducing Olive, young beeswax candle entrepreneur

beeswax candles from Bee the Light
The latest in our young entrepreneur series features Olive, the quiet, creative talent behind new Bee The Light beeswax candles brand.

“I called my beeswax candle brand Bee The Light to encourage young people like me to follow a path to ignite their inner light”

Olive hand rolls her candles from pure beeswax. She’s passionate about only including natural ingredients. The rules around candle labelling mean that you don’t have to list every ingredient and lots of candles are sold as “natural” that are made with harmful synthetic ingredients. As Olive says, “I don’t think this is very honest”. We totally agree, Olive!
hand rolling beeswax candles
Beeswax is the most purifying wax available and it has a beautifully subtle fragrance, perfect for relaxation. Like so many young people these days, Olive is focused on safeguarding her mental health.

“I use candles when I read tarot, work with my crystals or meditate” Olive 

Olive also loves to light a candle when she has an essential oil bath. This has inspired her to experiment with making some bath soaks using magnesium flakes, flowers and herbs. They sound wonderful and we’ll definitely be stocking them once they’re available!
Hand rolled beeswax candles
We absolutely love working with young people and sharing their energy, enthusiasm and passion for a better lifestyle. Olive is just another example of the fact that this generation of teens and young adults are insightful, thoughtful and caring. We are so proud to stock her work and wish her every success with her new business.

“I know how dark things can become but there is a light that never goes out – you just have to look for it” Olive

Bee the Light beeswax candles
You can buy Olive’s BEE THE LIGHT Hand-Rolled Beeswax Candle here. And if this has inspired you, you might like to read about Darcey and Ellie, the other young entrepreneurs whose awesome brands we stock.

If you’re a young creator, why not get in touch and show us your stuff? We’d absolutely love to see it.

Louise & Anna x

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