Thank you very much for your interest in our challenge. We are inviting young people to submit one of the following:

Blog post

This can be about any subject you choose. It could be a film/book/podcast review or list of recommendations. It could discuss your perspective on education, relationships, social media, the world today or whatever makes you feel strongly. Or it could be a personal look at an experience that has really changed you.

If you’d prefer to be given a more specific topic, we’d especially love to hear about:

  • birthday memories/celebrations
  • how are you praise yourself and others and what motivates you successfully

but most importantly, we would like you to write about something you’re passionate about.

The ideal length is 500-700 words and we’d love a few pictures to publish with your post; these don’t have to show you, of course, they just need to be relevant to the topic.

The blog can be published with your name or anonymously, according to your preference.

You can find our blog here (although it’s not necessary to follow the current writing style).


There are 3 options to choose from here, depending on your interests:

  1. A b&w illustration of your favourite piece of sports equipment
  2. A very symbolic (as opposed to detailed/naturalistic) illustration of a bird – representing freedom, spreading your wings
  3. A ‘happy’ illustration – this can be whatever you are inspired to draw, as long as it’s a representation of either something that makes you happy or how you feel when you are happy. It can be abstract or naturalistic.

Greetings cards design

The card would ideally need to be one of the following:

  • A birthday card
  • A congratulations card
  • A ‘thinking of you’ happy card

But if you have a great idea for a greetings card of a new type that’s not out there at the moment, even better! The design can work with our existing range or be totally different in style.

The design should be for a square (148x148mm) card and can be blank inside or have a supplementary message.

You can see our existing range of cards in our product collections.



The challenge is currently planned to continue as long as lockdown is in place; we reserve the right to change this at any point.

All submissions will be recognised by Equipp and we will support any mention of your participation in our challenge in CVs, application forms etc.

If we publish your blog post or use your design/illustration in the production of an item for general sale, on our social media channels or for any other purpose, you will receive an Equipp gift voucher, plus the gift of your choice from a collection we have put together from other small, independent businesses (please email us on for more information on the prizes available). The value of these prizes will vary according to the exposure and will be decided on a case by case basis. In each case, we will require you to confirm that your work becomes the property of Equipp, as is standard practice.


We are very happy to discuss any of this; please don’t hesitate to contact us via a DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or email us on

Please email your submissions to us on as soon as you are happy with them. Thank you.