My Teenage Time Capsule

Earlier this year Anna’s shower sprang a leak and soaked through the ceiling of the room below. During the repairs, she found a “time capsule” that her daughter had created at the age of 8 for the builders who were working on the house at the time to seal into the wall.

She had used an empty margarine tub and selected a slinky and a highlighter (?!) to accompany a letter that started “We used to live here” in a “memory box about me”. We will spare her blushes by not sharing it here – we think it’s adorable, her not so much! Let’s just say that we loved the helpful code ‘fav = favourite’ and that her ‘fav’ animal was a mermaid. Sorry, Iz! ????

This started us talking about just how lovely it would be to rediscover a collection in the future that has been carefully chosen to look back on.

Then, of course, we started to think about what we’d have saved from our early years.  Many, many happy hours later we had a list that ranged from the nostalgic (first concert tickets, song lyrics), to the edible (yes, Candy Lipsticks and Flying Saucers, we mean you) to cringe-worthy fashion highlights of the day – remember when we wore legwarmers everywhere?!).

We decided sadly that there are some things just to big to fit in… yes, all you millennials, Tom was Magnum PI long before he was Richard in Friends… we saw him first ????

And so our Time Capsule was born…

It’s a little tin designed to be quick and easy to fill with tickets, letters, the mini photos they love to print, meaningful trinkets and whatever else represents the highlights of their teen years. Perfect for those hard-to-fill teenage Christmas stockings! It’s already racing off the (online) shelves, so it seems our lovely customers like the idea too.

We’d love to hear what you’d have chosen to put in your own time capsule when you were a teenager – please do drop us a comment and let us know!

Louise & Anna x

4 thoughts on “My Teenage Time Capsule

  1. Kate Stoddart-Scott says:

    There would definitely, like totally and completely be a photo of Tom Selleck in mine, along with an excerpt from a Judy Blume novel, probably some lyrics from a Paul Weller song, ribbons from getting my mum to put sooo many plaits in my hair to make it wavy, something Forever Friends no doubt … oh this is fun, I could go on! What a wonderful idea for teenagers today!

  2. Clare says:

    This is a great idea. I wish i had kept a few more trinkets as a teenager. I used to keep concert tickets inside CD cases from the same artist but goodness knows where they’ve gone now!

  3. Carole Mitchell says:

    A 1960’s teenager was more a mini adult bearing in mind that most were in full time work before the age of 18. A first payslip would be interesting! 78 and 45 records would not fit in the capsule but I would certainly include pictures of Elvis and Cliff Richards and cinema tickets for their films. A stylus ‘needle’ from a Dansette Record Player. A tape of Cliff’s performance at the London Palladium on the black and white television and Duke Box Jury which I sound recorded. It was a time when most women sewed and dress patterns with the ‘Mod’ Mary Quant influence would be surprisingly similar to 21st century fashion. Crochet Hook from craze for making crochet dresses.Green eyeshadow, Pan Stick and very pale lipstick. Bridesmaid photos. Tickets for Wimbledon, Highway Code, 1966 World Cup memories. On a personal level there would be the silver heart shaped locket from my boyfriend and my ‘falling in love’ diary. Photo of my cocker spaniel and his Best in Show certificate.

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