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The longer lockdown goes on, the more our teens are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. We’ve been through learning sign language, endless fitness challenges, painting by numbers (so jealous of that one!), room makeovers, a LOT more reading than ever before and also hours spent listening to podcasts.

They’ve loved discovering new podcasts to follow, some from the Apple Podcasts Top Charts and some via recommendations. So we thought we’d pass on their favourites, which are a real mix (the best way, right?), so we hope there’s something here for everyone.

1. Teen Girl Talk

What parent doesn’t love to reminisce about TV and movies? This podcast gives you the perfect excuse to watch those old movies together and talk about how times have changed. Hosts Franklin and Susie Cota explore a whole range of media made for teens over the years – books, movies and TV shows – and the results are both fascinating and amusing.

2. Part-Time Genius

A new favourite in our house and definitely one to check out. It has all the answers to some seriously random questions. The episode where Will, Gabe and Mango raid the US Patent office to find some of the weirdest, funniest, and most confusing inventions of all time is a good place to start.  If your teens love odd facts, this one’s for them.

3. Teenage Kicks

There are some excellent podcasts out there to keep teens thinking positively and focusing on their mental health. Our top recommendation is the new Teenage Kicks podcast with Helen Wills – Helen talks to people who experienced really tough teenage problems like cyberbullying and self-harm, drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy but who have made it through to the other side. It’s brilliantly insightful and really empowers young people to tackle their own problems.

4. That Peter Crouch podcast

Another chart favourite, this one is perfect for football lovers and sports fans, with its insights into the world of professional football – and those footballer confessions!

5. Curious With Josh Peck

Really interesting interviews and musings on anything that sparks his interest. It’s funny – really funny – but also thought-provoking. And yes, it is that Josh from Drake & Josh…

6. TED Talks Daily

Last on the list is a real Mum recommendation. Our teens have grown up with TED Talks; this podcast is a way of keeping their minds open and introducing them to the latest and best, on subjects “from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between”.

What’s hot in your house? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Louise & Anna x

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