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Thank god adulthood doesn’t start at this age anymore, right? But teenagehood can still be pretty tough, so we love any reason to feel sweet at 16.

And who doesn’t love a box of goodies? As well as our stunning card, inside they’ll find a little bag of mini keepsake cards, with 16 different ways in which they’re amazing printed in beautiful script on one side with gorgeous pastel colours on the other. Adorable, we know.

Oh, and they’re stylish and sophisticated enough to pin on a board, keep in a wallet or slip in a phone case as a reminder of which type of amazing they’re feeling, as well as that all-important birthday itself. (Plus, it might even remind them of that little extra thought you put in for the occasion. Pretty legendary stuff.)

Our high-key cute cards say ‘You are…’: ‘amazing’, ‘phenomenal’, ‘inspirational’, ‘glorious’, ‘sensational’, ‘splendid’, ‘tremendous’, ‘brilliant’, ‘magnificent’, ‘ingenious’, ‘terrific’, ‘fantastic’, ‘fabulous’, ‘incredible’, ‘wonderful’, ‘superb’. You know it, we know it, and now they’ll know it too.

Equipp is proud to support Hector’s House, a teenage suicide prevention charity, and donates a small amount from every sale to support their work with young people to end the stigma around mental health.

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