A gift set for a 14 year-old girl that means you can give a bit of everything – fun, happiness, positivity and a chance to safeguard vital teenage memories…

A ‘Happiness’ aromatherapy shower & bath steamer, with its sparkling blend of citrus and floral oils, will be an instant pick-me-up too. Vegan, and made using 100% essential oils, it can be used either as a shower steamer or a traditional bath bomb.

For a sweet treat on the big day, there’s a yummy salted caramel giant lollipop.

Then, to truly celebrate and remember that important fourteenth year, we’ve included our 14th birthday journal. It contains pages for general notes and records of events, pages to fill in details of what they’re watching, listening to and thinking about, and two pages each month to stick in favourite photos.

The birthday girl will also receive a set of 3 stickers for them to put on laptops, windows, mirrors or any hard surface as a daily reminder that they’re phenomenal, wonderful and brilliant.

A really thoughtful, special 14th birthday gift set for girls.


Equipp is proud to support Hector’s House, a teenage suicide prevention charity, and donates a small amount from every sale to support their work with young people to end the stigma around mental health.

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