A set of postcards with carefully designed prompts to make it easy and fun for teens to write about their life, to open and read in the future. Once the postcards are written, they’re sealed in the envelope provided, with a ‘do not open before’ date of their choice, and stored away. No peeking allowed!  Once that date arrives, a look back on their teenage self will be a total joy.

With so much of life being recorded online these days, and with teens under pressure to delete too much, too quickly, this is a gift that they will wholeheartedly thank you for when they’re older and wiser.

Inspire them to create now, read later, keep forever…

All in all, a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift idea for a teenager. Perfect for a teen Christmas stocking, too.


Equipp is proud to support Hector’s House, a teenage suicide prevention charity, and donates a small amount from every sale to support their work with young people to end the stigma around mental health.

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