This mini gift set is a brilliant way to treat tween and teen boys. It’s especially ideal if you’re giving money as their main gift (which is great but not very exciting to open!).

Beautifully packaged in a white gift box with ribbon, each set comes with 200g of delicious pick’n’mix sweets, a Glux Putty and an aromatherapy shower steamer. If you’ve not come across shower steamers before, they’re a wonderful alternative to bath bombs. Essential oils combine with steam from the shower to release an aromatherapy sensation; simply place in the bottom of the shower and enjoy the infused air. And our shower steamers are vegan and handmade in the UK.

The Glux super putty is amazingly therapeutic; it’s one of our most popular gift set items and is gloriously compulsive for all ages.

The set makes a fabulous combination that will make any teenage boy feel really special.

Our complimentary message cards help to add a really thoughtful final touch – if you would like to add one, you can choose from Happy Birthday, Have Fun!, Celebrate! and You Totally Deserve This.


Equipp is proud to support Hector’s House, a teenage suicide prevention charity, and donates a small amount from every sale to support their work with young people to end the stigma around mental health.