Parenting teens can be tough. And we know we’re not the only ones who found that information and advice about parenting goes from a deluge to a trickle once your kids hit the teen years.

We know this is partly because as everyone’s teenagers and their friends become more aware of what’s posted online by their parents, privacy – quite rightly – becomes more of an issue.

But it’s so helpful and reassuring to read about and connect with other parents going through similar experiences and in our time at Equipp, we’ve come across some brilliant resources, blogs and social media accounts. We hope sharing some of them here will make a difference.

Parenting Websites & Blogs

Dr Kathy Weston – proven parenting strategies based on academic research second in the websites/blogs list

Actually Mummy – parenting teens & life in between

Grown & Flown – for an American perspective on parenting teens

Thinking Parenting – advice from parenting expert Anita Cleare (be sure to check out the Teenagers section on the blog)

Raising Teens – another American blog filled with relatable articles

Dooce – for sheer entertainment

Teenage Mental Health

Young Minds

Charlie Waller 

Mental Health Foundation

Hector’s House

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