Teenage takeover – Christmas shopping advice from the experts!

We all know that top of most teenager’s Christmas list is cold, hard cash.  But we also know that a sad little pile of envelopes under the tree might swell the bank balance but doesn’t make Christmas morning as special as a pile of mysteriously shaped, beautifully wrapped presents. And you certainly can’t fill a Christmas stocking with money… So here’s our teenage takeover – Christmas shopping advice from the experts!

With five teenagers between us, this is a problem that has had us wearing out our feet and our fingertips for some years now.  And it was one of the reasons that we set up Equipp (check out our gift collection to see what we came up with).

So a few weeks ago we asked our teens to take over our Instagram (@Equippthem) for a week, to give us an insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the world of young adults this Christmas. Here’s a round up of what they had to say – we hope it gives you a little inspiration!

  1. What to buy for tweens and early teens

We asked our much older teenagers (ranging from 15 to 19) to look back and tell us what they’d have most liked to receive at that age.  They voted for:

  • nail varnish
  • a SIMS game
  • a rugby ball
  • headphones
  • and a puppy!

  1. What to buy for older teenagers

Our next question was what are they and their friends hoping for this year. They said:

  • Clothes, especially T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and designer boxers
  • Nike trainers and sports stuff like rugby boots and Under Armour base layers
  • PS4 games, with FIFA 19 at the top of the list
  • A poker set (along with a hipflask!!)
  • Festival tickets
  1. Stocking fillers for teens

When we asked what they’re hoping Father Christmas will leave in their stockings (and yes, stockings still get filled when you’re 19!), they told us:

  • Lots of chocolate, especially a Hotel Chocolat slab or anything by Kinder
  • Make up (Mac or Bobbi Brown for a total treat) and make up brushes
  • Sports autobiographies
  • Study essentials (posh highlighters very welcome!)

And this year we’re definitely going to be popping a Playlist game in too.

  1. This year’s must-haves

Lastly, we asked them what they predicted was going to be hot for their age group this year.  They think:

  • The Dyson heatless hair curler
  • Rihanna’s new Fenty make up range
  • Oversized vintage clothing
  • Brands that support mental health (we think SmithWebb and their kind clothes is the perfect example)

So we’re off to do our Christmas shopping, starting with the quick wins of chocolate and highlighters and then bravely moving on to the rest – who knew how much a decent hockey stick cost? Good luck with your shopping this year and don’t forget to check out our range for stocking fillers and more. We hope you found our teenage takeover – Christmas shopping tips useful. Let us know what was a total hit with your teens this year!

Louise & Anna x

Teenage takeover - Christmas shopping advice from the experts!

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