Teens and face masks

Teenager wearing a mask

Masks have fast become a part of daily life and it seems almost weird to think of life without them. For our teens, though, it’s yet another thing to worry about – will they be seen as a fashion choice (to get wrong), will they cause skin problems, and how will they ever remember to take them to school every day?

So we’ve taken a look at masks from a teenage perspective, including asking our ever-inspiring teen panel for their views.

 Quote about wearing a mask from a teenager

Masks and acne

Firstly, the big question of “makne”. Wearing a mask can create an environment which can cause or increase skin problems. This is best prevented by keeping the skin clean (of course) and make-up free. Advise them to wear a mask that’s as breathable as possible, ideally a cotton one, and make sure it’s washed after every use.

Sam Harris runs The Little White Box Company, a gorgeous wellbeing shop in Newport Pagnell. She told us: “If you drop a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil on it can help with clear breathing and bacteria. Always wash every day though. That’s the bit people are forgetting!”

If makne is a problem in your house, here’s a great article on masks and teenage skin, with loads more helpful advice.

Quote about makne

Choose a mask to suit their style

If they’re anything like our boys, they’re happy wearing a mask – as long as it’s black. If your teens are enjoying branching out and making style statements with their masks, we’ve got a couple of fab suggestions about where to buy quirky masks from small businesses, who would of course love your support:

Redbubble has pretty much the best choice of teen-friendly masks out there. (And not just for teens – if you’re a Parks & Rec fan, search on Ron Swanson for a minute of sheer entertainment.) Our teen advisors liked in particular:

Black Glitter Edition sparkle diamond mask

Sun flowers floral pattern yellow flower mask

We also love the range from young new designer Teri H. on Etsy. Incredible value and lots of different styles, although you’ll have to be quick as they sell out fast!

They make a brilliant Christmas stocking filler too, which is always helpful when trying to think of stocking stuffers for fussy teens…

Teen talking about wearing a mask

Never there when you need them

Who’s got most of the way to school and then been told that their teens have forgotten their masks – again? We’ve got a brilliant solution from our collaborators over at Shady Beach. Their sunglass cords are a brilliant way to make sure masks don’t fall out of bags or pockets and are always there when you need them. And it’s a way to turn wearing a mask into a nod to the latest big trend – who needs a summer holiday now?!

Sunglass cord securing mask



If your teens still aren’t convinced that wearing a mask isn’t all bad, we’ll leave you with one thought from one of the teens on our panel. Got to love a teenager…

Teens and wearing masks


If you’ve got any great tips on teens and face masks and/or recommendations where to buy cool masks, please do leave us a comment below.

Louise & Anna x

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