Things parents do that are irritating…. or just plain ANNOYING!

Things parents do that are irritating to teenagers

A massive Equipp thank you to Georgia Satchwell, aged 13, for writing this entertaining blog post for us on things parents do that are irritating. We love to hear exactly what teens are thinking and feeling!

I think most people can agree that parents can be VERY annoying when they want to be, or sometimes even without trying!  With me, it’s mostly my Dad. My parents got divorced when I was 9 and they definitely have very different views, opinions and parenting styles.

Back away from the phone!

The first things are to do with my phone.  If I have a headache, he says I should spend less time on my phone.  When I’m in a bit of a mood (which, surprisingly doesn’t happen very often. I know, I’m a teenager, so I should be in a permanent mood, right?), then it must be my phone that’s causing it?!  He also thinks if he takes my phone off of me it will solve everything, but in fact it would most definitely make things worse!

Back away from my phone

This is my normal voice!

The next thing is tone. In an argument, if you actually say something back, you will most likely get “Don’t speak to me in that tone”.  I’m thinking, what tone? This is my normal voice!

I’m already doing it!

Other times, I’m going to do something like tidying my room, by choice.  Yeah, it’s not that enjoyable but I don’t really mind doing it, when I want to.  But then, sometimes, just as I’m going to get it done, I hear “Don’t forget to tidy your room!” …. now I feel like I’m being made to do it.  That can make me feel a bit down, it’s like I actually chose to do this and now they think that I’m doing it because they told me to.  And then, to top it off, I get asked about why I’m in a mood…. ARRGGHHHHH!

“That’s a bit rude”

Another thing is when you’re meeting with family and a cousin that you don’t see very often is there.  You talk, but it is a bit awkward, then your parents come in and force you to talk more…. Like it wasn’t awkward enough already!

One of the MOST annoying things is when you meet up with relatives and you’re made to hug them.  If I’m not in a hug type mood then I’m really not going to want to hug anyone.  Sometimes when I say no, everyone can get a bit touchy and say stuff like “that’s a bit rude” and they get offended.  Huh?  Why?  My Mum gets it, she say’s I shouldn’t have to hug anyone if I don’t want to, but others see it as disrespecting my elders… I mean I love them I just don’t always wannna hug them! ?

Overall, though, I guess my parents aren’t too bad.  Isn’t it their job to be slightly irritating, annoying and embarrassing?! Or at least that’s what they tell me.


While we feel your pain, Georgia, if that’s all that annoys you we think your mum and dad are doing a great job! A shoutout to your mum in particular – Victoria is an illustrator and CR8FLness Coach. You can find her here.

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