Why we think the class of 2021 will come out stronger

Class of 2021 will come out stronger

It’s been a year like no other and teens have been hit harder than most, especially those in exam years. So why do we think the class of 2021 will come out stronger?

We think young people today are truly amazing and the Covid pandemic has only strengthened our belief. All the young people who have written for us, who we’ve talked to and who we’ve read about have impressed us so much with their determination and positive attitudes.

We hate to hear today’s teens being talked about as a ‘lost generation’. So we thought we’d follow their lead, think positive, and look at some of the ways that life just might change for the better for them in the years ahead.

They’ve learnt resilience

It’s good to be resilient, but it’s not always easy… Resilient people tend to be optimistic, have a strong sense of right and wrong, think about others and have close family bonds.

We think that lockdown has helped a lot of our teens develop resilience. They have had to do their best not to dwell on the negative. The last year has been all about putting other people first and doing the right thing. And it’s certainly meant that families have had so much more time to be together – and hopefully get closer as a result.

We’ve heard so much about teens learning new skills, volunteering or helping out more at home during lockdown. Guess what? That’s resilience being developed right there. So they’ll be that little bit more ready to cope with life’s challenges in the future. And that’s a huge positive.

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The world has caught up with them and technology 

Pretty much every teen is tech-friendly. It’s what they’ve grown up with; it’s all they know (just ask a teen to operate an old rotary phone and you’ll see what we mean!).

This last year has meant a leap ahead in the acceptance and use of online communication. Even grandparents are now Zooming happily and confidently! We’re all now singing the praises of keeping in touch with friends online, whether it’s through apps or games, rather than moaning about spending too much time online. The sound of laughter as they connect with their mates online is just pure joy…

So hopefully there will be fewer battles about phones and games consoles and a greater degree of understanding. Plus – and this is huge – being tech-savvy is appreciated much more by employers than it used to be. The world of work has changed beyond recognition and our teens are all set up to ace it.

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They’ve become super-adaptable

Our teens have had to adapt to a whole new way of living. And they’ve done it in style. They’ve had to create their own daily routines, set their own goals and generally reorganise their lives. Not just once, but several times over.

Even though they might not recognise it, this has taught them so much. They might feel that they’ve not been able to develop their independence, but actually they’ve done quite a lot of growing up. They’ve had to come to terms with their own company and have had a little break from the worst of peer pressure – so they’re truly their own person and ready to have a go at taking on the world.


The last year has been so tough, but there is so much to look forward to. We can’t wait to see just how the class of 2021 will come out stronger – we think they’ll show the rest of us how to bounce back in style.

Just as a final note, we know there are many, many teens out there who are really struggling; we send them our love and are thinking of them. There is a round-up of some brilliant resources here if you need them.

Louise & Anna x

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